A while back I mentioned my panic about losing a funny photo of Dad and me. Because, you know, there are only so many keepsakes, and you sure don't want to go losing them. When I thought I lost it I had this whole feeling of chest-tightening panic.

But the photo had just fallen behind my desk! The discovery of which brought on a cool exhale of relief.

And now: I show you this photo only at great risk to myself. But I'm going to do it anyway. I'm going to put on the Internet a picture of my nineteen-year-old self fake lip-syncing on a pretend microphone at my cousin's Bat Mitzvah, with Dad.

I'll probably regret this.

But what the hell, here it is anyway.

Clearly this requires no caption

Clearly this requires no caption

Back in the post called It takes you by surprise, I mentioned what a terrible yet highly enthusiastic dancer Dad was. A pretty typical white guy in that regard, just really getting down on the dance floor with no regard to how uncoordinated or off-beat he was.

Good stuff, my friends. Good stuff.