We can talk about it now, and that's a good thing

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post called See, good things do happen, because out of the blue I got an e-mail from someone who knew Dad back in 1974; she had seen this blog and then got in touch with me. That was pretty cool. We'll call that the first good thing to come from beginning this blog, which is only a month old. (Happy one-month birthday, This Life After Loss!)

But now I have another good thing to add to the list.

Since a lot of people now know I'm writing about loss, it makes them feel comfortable telling me their stories. Which is an honor. I'm a walking safe space for people to speak freely about their loss. Like for instance I was at lunch yesterday and someone shared her story with me  "This is great because I don't normally get to talk about this," she said. And then while watching the Patriots game last night with a group of friends, we had a whole good conversation on the subject. A conversation that included the funny stuff  because it's good to laugh about the imperfections of the people we miss, since that's the stuff that made them human.

And if you'd like to get in touch and share your story with me, I'd be honored. Just go to Contact.